WOD 3/3

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*If you need to make up Squats or Press Rep Max you can do so Today, Friday, or Saturday.

Tabata Mash-up
Chest to Bar Pull-ups
Double Unders
:20 Work and :10 Rest
Do movements in order listed until you’ve complete 8 rounds per movement

The odds of hitting your target go up dramatically when you aim at it. -Mal Pancoast

Say no to LSD

Olympic Weightlifting clinics w/ Chad Vaughn start next Wednesday March 10
3:00 PM Class (5 Spots left)
6:30 PM Class (3 Spots left)
Reserve your spot now!


Have fun back in Hawaii Ariel! We enjoyed having you in the gym!

AM Results
Top Round
Ainsley 62 (MOD)
Ray 41 Rx
Laura 76 (J,S)
Sabrina 58 (J,S)
Michelle F. 70 (J,S)
Josh 28 Rx
Stephanie 70 (J,S)
Amber 66 (J, S)
Tow Matt 52 (Chin)