WOD 3/30

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Gymnastics WOD or 3 sets of a L-Sit Hold (:10 accumulated/set minimum)

Sectional Workout
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 15 minutes of:
9 Deadlifts (155lbs, 100 lbs)
12 Push-ups
15 Box jumps (24″, 20″)

Video/Further explanation of today’s workout

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Mental toughness (this is a great read)
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-April 5th is our next free workout at 7:00pm at CFA.  Invite all your friends and family to come check it out.  Sign up
-CrossFit Austin Ladies’ night will be moving to Wednesday in April.  It will be held April 6th at 7:00pm at Ginger Harvey and Stephanie Stinson’s house at 712 West Annie Street Unit B, Austin 78704.
-April 30th, CFA is hosting Carl Paoli’s Gymnastic Seminar.
Here is more information.

Congrats to Kirk Garza, the Men’s champion of the Circle of Awesomeness Challenge!

AM Results
Mikey 6 Rx

7(65lbs, KPU)

Suzy 4+9DL (45lbs, KPU)
Mego 5+9DL+3PU (65lbs, KPU)
Mike 7+9DL+1PU Rx
Jerry 7+1DL Rx
Ginger 5+5DL (45lbs, KPU)
Nick 8+6DL Rx
Kirk 6+9DL Rx
Tow Matt 6+3DL Rx
Kim 5+9DL+10PU (45lbs, KPU)
Tall “D” 6+4DL (95lbs)
Stephen 6+9DL Rx
Angela 7+9DL+12PU+8BJ (45lbs)
Letty 7+9DL (55lbs, KPU)
Jesse 5+9DL+12PU+6BJ (100lbs, KPU, 20″)
Lance 4+9DL+7PU (100lbs, KPU, 20″)
Ali 5+9DL+12PU (65lbs, KPU)
Rob 7+2DL Rx
Natalie 5 (65lbs, KPU, 12″)
Chris 5+9DL+10 Rx
Jon 9+3DL Rx
Colleen 8+9DL (70lbs, KPU)
Senator 5+9DL+12PU+14BJ (75lbs, Step-up, 20″)
PM Results
Boone 8 +9 DL Rx
G. 6+4 PU Rx
Crash 4+9 BJ Rx
David 5+9 DL Rx
Jables 7+6 pu rx
Arnie 4+8 pu rx
Zoom 5+9 DL rx
Sherman 5+7 DL rx
Tristy 8+7 su (MOD)
Betsy 8+6 pu rx
Jennifer 6 (65lb)
Stacey MOD
Geno 6+8 pu Rx
Jeanette 6 Rx
LG 2+12 pu Rx
Kristin 6+10 pu Rx
Blake 7+8 pu rx
Joe 7 (100 lbs)
Fro 6+10 pu Rx
Christy 8 Rx
Randy 6+6 DL (100 lb)
AG 6+4 pu rx
Cat 7+12 BJ rx
JJ 4+2 DL Rx
Kaz 5+13 BJ (135 lb)
Darlene 8 Rd
Carissa 8+2 BJ Rx
Andee N/A
Gena 9+9 PU Rx
Jesse 6+9 PU Rx
Prince 5+8 DL Rx
Leigh 9+10 BJ Rx
Sleeves 8+3 BJ rx
Wes 9+1 BJ Rx
Kavi 5+8 DL (135)
Nick 6+6 DL Rx
Ross 5+1 Pu (125)
Ryan 5+8 Pu (125)
Megan 6+2 DL (K)
Jenn 6+6 PU (K)
Teeny 6+7 pu (65, K)
Lana 5+6 pu (45)
Ray 8+2 DL rx
Sanjay 6+5 PU (100, K)
On Ramp
Brittany 4 1/3
Jason 4
Sutton 6