WOD 3/5

3 Person Team “Jackie”
Complete the following congo-line style in teams of three, with each partner completing the following

A. 1000 M Row
50 Thrusters @ 45
30 Pull-ups
*team time recorded

Partner A begins, and as soon as they have completed the 1000 meter row, Partner B may get on the erg and begin his 1000 meter row. Partners may only advance to the next station once the person ahead of them has completed the task and moved to the next station.


4:30 pm: No group class – Open Gym is available
5:30 pm: No group class – Open Gym is available
6:30: Regular Group class & Open Gym – No Olympic Lifting

We will not be hosting a watch party for the Open this evening as there is a live event here in Austin!