WOD 3/7

Level Two
Make Up Day

Level One (Day 11)
Knees to Elbows/Toes to Bar
Box jumps

7 Minute AMRAP
7 Box Jumps (step down)
7 Push-ups
21 Singles
*Total completed rounds + additional reps recorded

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. – Albert Einstein

Do Not Brag About Your Leg Press
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  • The Open is here! Participants can complete this week’s WOD on Thursday during regular classes, Friday at Level 2 Open Gym, or on Saturday as a group! Learn more here. Don’t forget to enter your score into the website each week for Wes to validate!
  • Good luck to all of our Circle of Awesomeness Challengers – you’re in the home-stretch! Finish strong!
  • Are you ready for Circle of Awesomeness Fiesta’s Pizza Cook-Off? Please let us know if you are planning on participating!

AM – Level 1
Cam 4
Hector 5
Jurkash 4
Sandy 4
Mon Tues 2 mile 1RM C2TH 5RM FS Annie 1RM PS Karen
AM – Level 2
Celi Yes
Steven Yes
Big Shug (7 L)
Beast (9 L)
Janice (9 L)
Snookie 90lb 110lb 8:46 S
Charlie K. 155lb 195lb 9:20 S
Mego 81lb 80lb 9:54 S
J.V. 85lb 105lb 11:03 S
Albert 175lb (132) Rx
J. Black 105lb 8:15 S2
Bubbles 55lb 9:16 S1
Elizabeth 75lb 6:36 S1
Edward 19:03
F-aaron 17:25
Gwar 15:23
Kavi 14:45
JJ 19:50
Kirk 185lb 190lb 6:26Rx
Eric 185lb 165lb 6:33Rx
Nick 165lb 11:02Rx
Blaz 255lb 295lb 8:13Rx
Erica 100lb 115lb 8:45Rx
Can2 210lb 225lb 11:23 S
Ivan 165lb 9:19 Rx
Dusty 50lb 7:13 S2
Boling 135lb 145 S1
Jesse 110lb 9:59 S1
12PM – Level 2
Mikey 165lb 8:20 Rx
Ty 85lb 8:25 S1
Jeff 125lb 10:00 Rx
Lance 185lb 185lb 10:49 S
Jables 110lb 100lb 10:18 Rx
Erin Mod
Mer FGB: 235 S1
Kiehl Yes
Stephen Yes
PM – Level 2
Ronnie 40lb 11:09 S2
Trixsi FGB: 326 S2
Lane FGB: 247 Rx
David FGB: 263 Rx
Veronica MOD
Greg (Friday)
Clapper Yes
Jess Yes
Jackson Yes
Ruffino Yes
Cooey Yes
KT Yes
Andy Yes
Colleen 16:06
AG 14:49
Anthony 15:57
Caitlin 8:30 S 70lb
Nic 195lb 225lb 6:42 S
Blake 215lb 260lb 7:54 Rx
Darlene 115lb 128lb 11:49 Rx
LG 100lb 103lb
Teeny 85lb 100lb 11:10 S
Jenna 80lb 75lb 10:35 S
Randy 135lb (105) S1
Nicole 65lb 7:50 S1
PM – Level 1
Jennifer 4
EJ 4
Peter 4
Kristen 4
Alan 4
Matthew 4
Edward 4
Adrian 4
George 4
Linda 3
Angela 5
Rachel 3
Pam 3
Alyson 2
Stephanie 3
Raquel 3