WOD 4/19

Level Two
A. Power Jerk x2x8 @ 85%-90% Rest 2:00
B. Hang Power Clean x4x4 Rest 1:00
C1. Horizontal Ring Rows x10x4 Rest 1:00
C2. Mountain Climber Burpees x5x3 Rest 1:00 

Cash Out
Strict Toes to Bar x 10 x 2

Level One (Day 4)


Team WOD
3 Rounds

1:00 Max Meter Row
1:00 6 Stationary Lunges (total) / 5 Push-ups
1:00 Rest
*Partner A starts on Row & Partner B waits for 1:00. When Partner A moves on to lunges, Partner B starts row
*Combined Meters and Reps recorded

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  • We will have a modified class schedule next week. For more details, click here.
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AM – Level 1
Team Lindsalie 1392m
Team Slaughter 2360m
AM – Level 2
Ivan S
Beast S
Chris S
Guthrie S
Albert S
Bubbles S
Doug S
Charlie S
Eileen S
Becky S
Schittone S
Tow Matt S
Erica S
Valyn S
Jables S
Sandy S
Irl S
Paul S
Bryan S
Mikey S
Zach S
Thurst S
Ray S
Gary S
AM – Ladies’
Mer S
Michelle S
Emily S
Jenny S
12P – Level 1
Fernando + Brock 1550m
Kara + Tanya 1415m
Stefan + Money 1334m
Alan + Melissa 1368m
Missy + Murray 1328m
PM – Level 2
Kiehl S
Shug S
Sanchez S
Can2 S
Mad Dog S
Randy Mon
G Mon
Boone Tue 6:20 Rx
Colleen Tue
2-Tone S
Parnell S
Pinky S
Leah S
Jenna S
Lane S
Danny S
Nic S
Heather S
Kiehl S
Danimal S
Wood S
Chrissy S
Elena S
Vanessa S
LaRosa S
Veronica S
Greg S
Rocky S
Mischka S
Janice S
MegO S
PM – Level 1
Jennifer + Caitlin 1239
Eric + Duffy + Jon 2016
Team Bada$$ 1416m
Team Cowboys 1539m