WOD 4/23

Buy In/Cash Out
2:00 Shin Against the Wall Stretch

Happy Easter Weekend!!!

4 Rounds
:30 Static Hang (Chin above the bar)
2:00 Rest
*For Max Weight


4 Rounds
1:00 DB/KB Snatches @ 55 lb (24K), 35 lb (16K)
4:00 Team Row for Meters
1:00 Rest
*For Reps and Meters


11.5 Sectional Make-up

-Free WOD, today at 11:00am.  Sign your friends and family up here!
-HAPPY HOUR at Little Woodrows, Thursday April 28th at 7:30pm.  Yes, that’s right…it’s STEAK night again!! 
-April 30th, CFA is hosting Carl Paoli’s Gymnastic Seminar. Here
is more information.

Teenage Mutant Flying Ninja strikes CFA

AM Results
Ginger 3156+146 (20 lb)
Marathon Madness 3555+180 (20 lb)
Slake 3991+161 Rx
What can brown d0 for you? 3320+96 (35 lb, 20 lb)
Golden Girls 3518+235 (20 lb, 35 lb)
We Make Bank 3720+208 (Rx,35)
Top Gun 3276+260 (Rx, 20 lb)