WOD 4/30

Level Two
10:00 Snatch Progression

A. Snatch x2x5 @ 70-75% (RPE 6-7) Rest :45
B. 3 RM OVHD Squat in 15 Minutes (Each set :10 only)
C. Tabata Burpees :20 on/:10 off
*OVHD Squat Weight Recorded

Extra Credit:
Back Squat x3x4 @ 80% (focus on depth and mechanics)

Level One (Day 8 )
Kipping Pull-ups

5:00 AMRAP
5 Jumping Pull-ups
5 DB Thrusters
5 Burpees
*Total completed rounds recorded

Mineral Deficiencies
*Post thoughts to comments

The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure. – Sven Goran Eriksson


  • Congratulations to all of this past weekend’s competitors (including those who participated in Regionals, the Bun Run, and the USAPL Power Lifting Meet)! Way to #paintitpink! We truly have a Circle of Awesomeness at CFA!
  • Got an exciting new PR you want on the leader board? Be sure to fill out a PR slip and give it to Caitlyn to chalk it up!

Congrats team CFA on the 9th place finish at regionals this weekend!

AM – Level 1
Sean 5
Allison 4
Caitlin 4
Amber 4
Tanya 5
Anessa 3
AM – Level 2
Charlie 115lb
Mike 155lb
Ivan 155lb
JV 60lb
MegO 62lb
Doug 125lb
Eileen 35lb
Jackie 55lb
Sparker 55lb
Becky 25lb
Valyn 40lb
Michael 150lb
Ballet 95lb
Can2 200lb
Melissa 35lb
Cindy 45lb
Bryan 85lb
George 65lb
Sandy 35lb
Schittone 35lb
Gary 105lb
Eric 155lb
Walker 102lb
Erica 102lb
Ray 145lb
12P – Level 2
Mer 53lb
Thurst 85lb
Wood 155lb
Heather 65lb
Snookie 85lb
Lance S
Taylor 68lb
Brock 95lb
Mike 115lb
PM – Level 2
Desiree 75lb
Crash 58lb
Turk 155lb
Pinky 70lb
Jenna 60lb
Ruffino 50lb
Kristin 85lb
Danimal 95lb
Helen 45lb
Angela 55lb
Dain 135lb
Jordan 85lb
Shemo 115lb
Pam 60lb
Jeff 115lb
MadDog 55lb
Andy 95lb
Brandon Skill
Shug 70lb
Leah 75lb
Irl Skill
Kaz Skill
Greg 145lb
Chrissy 65lb
KT 65lb
Nicole 70lb
Parnell 210lb
Gold 155lb
Adrian 95lb
Wade 135lb
Mr. T 155lb
Dayna 105lb
Liz G 35lb
LaRosa 70lb
Travis 155lb
ABC 85lb
Marc 105lb
Paul 105lb
PM – Level 1
Ice E 3
Fowler 3
Egan 4
Shannon 3
Murray 4
EJ 5
Alan 4
Loren 5
Janet 5
Gadi 4
Natalia 4
C2 4
Lauren 4
Alyson 4
Rachel 4
Kara 4
Missy 5