WOD 4/4

Weightlifting Class with Jodi Vaughn tonight @ 5:30 and 6:30 PM Sign up here!

Snatch Clusters @ 60% rest :30 seconds @ 65% rest :45 seconds
*post weights and notes to comments


10 Rounds
3 Chest to Bar Kip Pull-ups
6 Russian Swings
9 Double Unders
*Times recorded

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-April 5th is our next free workout at 7:00pm at CFA.  Invite all your friends and family to come check it out.  Sign up here.
-CrossFit Austin Ladies’ night will be moving to Wednesday in April.  It will be held April 6th at 7:00pm at Ginger Harvey and Stephanie Stinson’s house at 712 West Annie Street Unit B, Austin 78704.
-April 30th, CFA is hosting Carl Paoli’s Gymnastic Seminar. Here is more information

AM Results
Zayra 8:30 (16k, BB, 2xS)
Ivan 9:38 (24k)
Mikey 10:32 (24k, GB)
Elizabeth 7:59 (12k, RB, 2xS)
Erica 8:45 (12k, GB, 2xS)
Suzy 9:40 (15lb, RR, S)
Stephen 8:45 (24k, 2xS)
MG Jenny 11:30 (12k, RR, S)
Melicious 14:13 (16k, BB)
Jerry 8:35 (24k)
9am 11:19 (24k, GB)
Nick 8:11 (32k-PP)
Kirk 8:43 (24k)
Ray 8:32 (24k)
Rob 9:09 (32k-LM)
Tall-D 11:37 (16k, BB)
PM Results
Boone 6:50 (32k-PP)
David 11:00 (32k-LM)
Betsy 7:53 (Chin, 16k)
Tasha 8:17 (Chin, 16k, S)
Jables 7:03 (Chin, 16k)
Crash 11:17 (12k, BB, S)
Hal 9:43 (24k, S)
Jon 8:26 (24k)
Jeanette 10:54 (16k, BB, S)
Jeffrey 11:51 (12k, J, S)
Miguel 4:58 (32k-LM)
Blake 8:36 (32k-PP)
Walker 11:11 (16k)
Geno 11:35 (24k)
Kim 10:46 (12k, J,2x S)
Julie 10:49 (12k, J, 2xS)
Winner 13:07 (16k, Chin)
Stacey 6:38 (24k)
Skipper 6:44 (20k, 2xS)
Sleeves 7:40 (32k-PP)
Anthony 13:32 (16k, BB, 2xS)
Prince 9:40 (16k, Chin, 2xS)
Letty 9:51 (12k, RB)
JV 9:55 (12k, BB, 2xS)
Jesse 9:51 (16k, 2xS)
Carissa 9:19 (16k)
Christy 9:00 (16k)
Leigh 8:23 (24k)
Fro 10:03 (32k-LM)
SanJay 13:31 (RR, 12k, S)
Alex 10:56 (CTB, 24k)
Jeff 11:55 (RR, 12k)
Megan 10:50 (RB, 16k, S)
Zoom 10:53 (Chin, 12k)
Young 11:05 (RB, 16k)
Ross 10:58 (Chin, 16k, S)
Schittone 12:03 (Chin, 24k)
Dain 11:37 (Chin, 20k)