WOD 4/5

Strength/Skill/Make-up Day

Strength WOD

A. Press+Push Press: x2+3×4 by feel (increase from last week)
B. Squat: x2x5 @ 80%
C. Deadlift x3x4 @ 70-75%
*1-3 Chest to bar strict chin-ups @ 2012 b/t squat and deadlift sets (add weight if needed)

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-CrossFit Austin Ladies’ night will be moving to Wednesday in April.  It will be held April 6th at 7:00pm at Ginger Harvey and Stephanie Stinson’s house at 712 West Annie Street Unit B, Austin 78704.
-April 30th, CFA is hosting Carl Paoli’s Gymnastic Seminar. Here is more information

The one and only Turk! Rocking the push-up man with his SAW 249!

AM Results
MG Jenny Strength
9am Strength
Tow Matt 9:45 (COB, LM)
Stephen Strength
Tall “D” Strength
Angela Strength
Kim Strength
PM Results
Natalie S
Arnie S
Lance S
David S
G. 14:40 (20K)
Randy 15:03 (24K)
Andre S
John 14:13 (32K)
Christy S
Jennifer S
Kirk S
Lana 6+4 PU
Jenn S
Debbie S
Stephanie 7+9 PU
Skipper S
Veronica S
Kavi M: 8:37 (Singles)
Ross S
Ryan S
Eric S
Rookie S