WOD 4/9

Do Friday’s workout if you did not come in on Friday or are not doing the sectional workout.  If you have done both workouts, choose a skill to work on, but do not do any energy system training.

Regular WOD:
Skill Session
3 Sets
Deadlift Clusters @ 55-65% (rest :30 b/t reps)
(Move up in weight if possible between sets and rest :90 between sets)
**No scores given, this is individual skill work

Team WOD
5 Rounds
:30 Squats
:30 Rest
:30 Push-ups
:30 Rest
:30 DB Snatches (55lbs, 20lbs)
:30 Rest
*Post team total reps to comments

– Its finally here CrossFit Austin MENS night.  Next Tuesday April 12 at
Fogo de Chao $35 all you can eat meat Please sign up in MBO so we can make a reservation. 
-April 30th, CFA is hosting Carl Paoli’s Gymnastic Seminar.
Here is more information.

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