WOD 5/12

All Levels
Air Squat Progression
Tabata Squats

6 Rounds
10 UB DB Thrusters (55 lb, 35 lb)
300 Meter Run
*Partner Workout, one person works at a time, alternating rounds


  • Have you heard about the awesome Carl Paoli Seminar at CFA TOMORROW (May 13th)? Learn more here!
  • Our new morning Jog’N’Joe Running Classes will be starting up next week! Learn more here!
  • Murph Day is coming, so mark your calendars for June 16th! (Details soon!)
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We’re “flipping out” – Carl Paoli is coming tomorrow! Whoop!

AM – All Levels
*Danimal 143 Squats
*Stacey Mag 169 Squats
Juco 11:05
Smack-a-Roni 11:33
Dandrew 12:01
Cantuna 12:39 Rx
Team Red 13:01
Team Mes 10:15
Two Loud 10:19
Low-Key 10:20
P-Snizzle 11:29
Team Target 12:05