WOD 5/16

Level Two
A1. Power Snatch + Snatch Pull-under x3+2×3 Rest :30
A2. Explosive Lunge Walks x6/legx3 Rest :30
B1. Power Clean to OVHD x2x10 @ 65-70% Rest :30
B2. Double-Unders x3x10 Rest :30
C1. Front Rolls x5x3 Rest :30
C2. L-sit hold x:30×3 Rest :30

Level One (Day 2)

6 Rounds
100 M Run
5 Step-ups/side
10 Tic Tacs/Side
*Time Recorded

Cash Out
Shin on Wall Stretch
Max Side Plank Per side
*Record Max Side Plank

Food for Thought
*Post thoughts to comments

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” – Napolean Hill


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AM – Level 1
Money 8:48 14lb
Ice-E 9:39 14lb
Caitlin 7:30 10lb
Natalia 8:49 10lb
AM – Level 2 
Janice S
Eileen S
Kristin S
Doug S
Celi S
Mego S
Big Spoon S
Sparker S
Burk S
Ivan S
Schittone S
Ed S
Gwar S
Tow Matt S
Michael S
Bryan S
Gadi S
Gary S
Cooey S
George S
Reis S
Linda S
Laila S
12P – Level 2
Thurst S
Heather S
Alan S
Ryan S
Mattthew S
Kiehl S
Lance S
E-Rod S
PM – Level 2
Crash S
Leah S
Randy S
Brittani S
Blake S
Schiller S
Sanchez S
Desiree S
Helen S
Martin S
Ruffino S
Janss S
Greg S
Dayna S
Lane S
Wood S
Teeny S
Mr. T S
Sting S
Josie S
Corey S
LaRosa S
Denise S
Adrian S
Nicole S
Chrissy S
Alyson S
Rachel S
Veronica S
Sean S
Sarah M S
Matt S
PM – Level 1
Connor 11:21 14lb
Jeanette 10:50 10lb
Melissa 9:23 10lb
Stormye 12:10 10lb
Christian 15:57 14lb
Betsy 13:27 14lb
German 7:28 14lb
Fowler 7:11 14lb
Juke 7:54 10lb
Izzy 9:12 6lb
Amy 7:11 14lb
Missy 7:22 10lb
Patti 7:37 14lb
M 7:36 10lb
Anessa 9:02 10lb
C2 7:47 10lb