WOD 5/31

Make Up/Skill Day

Strength WOD:
A. CGBP x5x3 @70% Rest 4:00
B. Squats x10x3 (Set 1: Set a new 10 RM by 5-10lbs, Set 2 95% of 10RM, Set 3 90% of 10RM) Rest 3:00
C1. DL x5x3 @60% Rest 1:00
C2. DB Muscle Snatch x6-8×3 Rest 1:00

The greatest way to live with honor in this world is to be what we pretend to be. -Socrates

Does sitting shorten your hip flexor
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May’s PR Board…let’s make this twice as big in June!

AM Results
MG Jenny S
Erica S
Meghan S
Matt S
9am S
Dana M 5, 8
Tow Matt Th 31 (35lb)
Michael S
Colleen F 27:58 (KR, 40lb)
Letty S
Coy S
Amy S
PM Results
Cat F 46:00
Kristin W
Cody S
Fro S
Blake F 31:40 Rx
G. S
Crash S
Nikki S
Lance S
Natalie S
Liz S
Nick I
Melody S
Cookie S
Darlene S
Eric S
Geno S
Jables Th 30 (25 lb)
Stephanie Th 27 (25 lb)
Danny S
Randy F 36:44 Rx
Tristy F 31:30 Rx
Sherman S
Jon S
Betsy I
Leigh I
Stacey I
Kaz W 6 (Pike)
Ryan M 7,10 Rx
Ross M 7, 9 Rx
Chaz S
Dain S
Prince S
Kristi S
Veronica S
Chrisy S
Debbie S