WOD 5/5

I want to publicly thank everyone for all their kind words and support this weekend. Like Keir said yesterday, I am so very proud to be apart of our family.

Also, thank you to Dutch and Meggie for opening up their home to us this weekend, you guys are awesome, and to all my friends from the Windy City for there support from afar.

Now its time for you guys to get after it like this…

Dutch Kickin A** and taking names

50 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
50 Burpees


The pain is finally over! Kind of..

AM Results
Blake 10:51 (Chin over bar)
Meredith 3:48 (50 Jump, 25 Burpees)
Jennie 7:59 (50 Ring Rows, K Burpees)
PM Results
Rob 9:31 Rx
Kristin 12:18 (White Band)
Stephen 8:43 (Kipping/Jump)
Boone 6:35 Rx
Melanie 5:31 (Jump)
Mark 11:23 (CTB/Kipping)
Seth 7:31 (CTB/Kipping)
Ashley 11:07 (Jump)
Aurelia 6:01 (Ring Pullups, 30 Pushups, 30 Squats)
Betsy 8:21 (Jump)
Smeth 9:06 Rx
Stacey 8:35 (Kipping)
Sherman 9:17 (Kipping)
Megan 8:55 (Jump)