WOD 6/11

Weekly Buy In/ Cash out
Side Plank Hold 3x:30 per side (no rest between sets)
Shin on the wall stretch 2x:30 per leg

5 Sets
Front Squats + Push Jerk 3+1
:20 Rest
3 Weighted Dips (add 3 more sets at the end)
1:00 Rest
*Post Dip, and Front Squat+Push Jerk loads


5 Rounds 
:30 AMRAP Right Arm Dumbell Power Snatches
:30 Left Arm DB Power Snatches
1:00 Minute Rest bt Rounds
M= 55 lb W= 35 lb
*Time recorded

Don’t borrow someone else’s spectacles to view yourself with. -Simon Travaglia

Sunshine in a Nut Shell

Live webcast of the 2010  USA Weightlifting National Championships (Chad is scheduled to lift @ 1 PM on Saturday)
CrossFit Total Day Saturday June 26th
Olympic Weightlifting 1 Day Seminar with Chad and Ursula June 27th

Enjoy Oregon this summer Bill, we’ll save a burpee spot for you back here in Austin!

AM Results
Blake 74 Rx
Chaz 118 (35lb)
Carissa 142 (10lb)
Trey 154 (20lb)
Jerry 126 (35lb)
Liz 116 (20lb)
Charlie 103 (35lb)
Bill 105 (20lb)
Ainsley 95 (15lb)
Greg 125 (20lb)
Tow Matt 115 (35lb)
Michelle 129 (15lb)
LG 95 (15lb)
Rob 94 (50lb)
Cody 145 (35lb)
Shanan 140 (20lb)
Stephanie 127 (20lb)
Stacey 119 Rx
Sherman 117 (35lb)
Tasha 99 (20lb)
Arnie 96 (30lb)
G 111 (20lb)