WOD 6/21

Level Two
A. Squat x3x3 @ 95% Rest 3:00
B1. DB Floor Press x3x5 @ RPE 9 Rest :60
B2. Sumo Deadlifts x4x5 @ 80-85% Rest :90
*Increase to 85% only if you were able perform all 5 sets cleanly last week.
C1. DB Bent Over Row x6x4 Rest :45
C2. Muscle Snatch x6x4 Rest :45

Level One (Day 5)
Ring Dip Progression
Wall Balls

4 Rounds (3:00 on/ 1:00 off)
10 Wall Balls
10 Tic Tacs
200 M Run
*Total rounds recorded
*When 2nd round starts, athletes should start where they stopped in 1st round

Women and Intermittent Fasting
*Post thoughts to comments

“Concentration comes out of a combination of confidence and hunger.” – Arnold Palmer


  • Thank you to everyone who came out this weekend and participated in Murph Day 2012! Together, we raised over $1000! Pictures can be found here and on facebook.
  • Thank you, also, to everyone who came out to Darlene’s Paleo Potluck Fundraiser! Go Darlene – we can’t wait to cheer for you in Cali!
  • Our interns are offering free assessments for current members starting this week through the end of July! Learn more here

AM – Level 1
Grisel 7
JT 6
Paiman 4
Victoria 6
Salina 3
Whitney S 4
Kandaace 5
Lisa 5
AM – Level 2
Jenna S
Leah S
Jackie S
Sparker S
Becky S
Doug S
Big Spoon S
Guthrie S
Ivan S
Sandy S
MegO S
Michael S
Paul S
George S
AM – Ladies’
Mer Wed: 16:08
LG Wed: 18:26
Michelle S
Josie S
Jenny S
Jennifer S
Heather S
Caitlyn S
12P – Level 1
James 8
Heather 7
Angelica 8
Jason 6
PM – Level 2
Brittani S
Erin S
Gabriel S
Shug S
Sanchez S
Trixsi S
Melissa S
Jeff S
Mr. T S
Money S
Parnell S
Schittone S
Wade S
Ashley S
Fernando S
Pam S
Andy S
LaRosa S
Place S
Mulvey S
Raquel S
Christina S
Liz G S
Holly S
Wood S
Adrian S
Elena S
PM – Level 1
Billy 5
Connor 5
Kevin 5
Jillian 4
Diana 4
Betsy 4
Evil 5
Twin 5
Laurel 5
Jennifer 5
Melissa 5
John 3
Ice-E 3
Vanessa (DNF)
Omar 3
Derek 3