WOD 6/25

Weekly Buy In/ Cash out
Sorenson Hold 2:00 and/or, :90/Side Side Plank Holds
2 Rounds double tennis ball Thoracic Mobility Drill

Skill Work:
30 Minutes of Mobility work


1 Push Jerk every 15 Seconds for 10 Minutes (155 lb, 95 lb)

What is Testosterone

CrossFit Total Day Saturday June 26th don’t forget to sign up for your timeslot!
Olympic Weightlifting 1 Day Seminar with Chad and Ursula June 27th
2nd Annual Murph Day July 3rd sign up for your timelot HERE.

AM Results
NIck Rx
Alex 65lb
Trey 65lb
Eddie 63lb
Joy 45lb
Mike 115lb
Liz 53lb
Stephen 115lb
Darlene 63lb
Greg 65lb
Rob 135 lb (33 Reps)
Cody 95 lb
John 75 lb
Tow Matt 105 lb (39 Reps)
Shanan 63 lb
Hoss 63 lb (33 Reps)