WOD 6/28

Make-up/Skill Day

Strength WOD
A1. Press x10x3 @60%  rest 1:00
A2. Kip Pull-up x6-8×3  rest 1:00
B1. Squat x8x3 @60%  rest 1:00
B2. Trap 3 Raise x6-8×3  rest :90
C1. Deadlift x6x3 @60%  rest 1:00
C2. Powell x6-8×3  rest 1:00

A 10 Minute Mind Clearing

It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well.  –Rene Descartes

– Livestrong Fundraiser and WOD in honor of Colleen
Legge’s 5 year cancer-versary! Go here to donate and participate, and reserve your time slot here!
-July 4th, we will be running a limited schedule.  We will have a 10:00am class.
-July 5th, free WOD at 7:00pm.  Bring your friends and family and sign
them up here.

OH yeah!  Dance party with the 6:30am crew!  Yet another reason to CrossFit in the morning!

PM Results
Cody S
Cat S
Stephanie S
Geno Fran 10:34 Rx
Gerry Fri 36:18 (MOD)
Operation Fri 35:11 Rx
Chrissy S
Lance Fri 37:07 (J, 14 lb)
Jon Fri 31:19 Rx
Blake Fri 32:37 Rx
Leigh S
Betsy S
Carissa S
Alex Fri 34:23 Rx
Jerry Fri 39:14 Rx
Sleeves Fri 26:44 Rx
Christy Fri 33:26 (75 lb)
Darlene I
Kristi S
Fro Fri 34:52 Rx
Tion Fri 38:19 (115 lb)
Shondria Fri 32:05 Rx
Danielle Fri 31:45 (55 lb, 10 lb)
Nick Fri 27:15 Rx
Danny S
Sean S
Schittone Fri 33:23 (95 lb, 10 lb)
Eric S