WOD 6/29

Weekly Buy In/ Cash out
12-15 Strict Chin-ups @ 51X1 Tempo (split into as many sets as needed)

Take 15 Minutes to work up to a Snatch weigh that is heavy, but allows you to maintain technique


Snatch Cluster
(Do one Snatch, rest exactly 30 seconds, continue until you’ve reached 5 reps)
*Cluster weights recorded


7 Rounds
5 Pull-ups
Hill Sprint
*Post time’s, notes to comments

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Curb Compulsive Eating

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Winner wants you to STRETCHHH!!!

AM Results    
Chaz 95 lb (3) 5:59 Rx
Mike   6:11 Rx
Neal  115lb 5:47 Rx
Joy   8:22 (B)
Eddie   9:25 (B)
Tristy 83lbs 7:41 Rx
Walker   7:03 Rx
Dan  115lb (4) 5:35 Rx
Arnie   9:08 (B)
Cat  45lb 7:52 (B)
Liz 45 lbs 10:14 (B)
John 65 lbs 6:20 Rx
Stephanie   7:20 (B)
PM Results    
Blake 120lb (2)  
“G” 55lb  
Betsy 65lb  
Mark 35lb  
Dave 55lb  
Michael 85lb (3)  
Jess 66lb (4)  
Stacey 83lb  
Jerry 97lb  
Alex 95lb (4)  
Sleeves 115lb