WOD 6/3

3 Sets
15 Russian Swings
:20 Rest
10 Kip Pull-ups 10
:40 Rest


7 Rounds
7 Burpees
7 Step-ups (24″, 20″)
7 Knees to Elbows

The Beginning By Wes Kimball

As I look back on the weekend, thoughts of how far we’ve come, and the growth of of an amazing group of people gives way to one simple statement… This is just the beginning.

Nugget’s first snatch over 175 pounds was just the beginning, a beginning that ended in a twenty pound PR. A twenty pound PR that’s poised to be broken over and over again through the next year. Tristy, Walker, Rob, and Blake gave so much on the rower that 120 degree asphalt became cozy. Bring on the summer heat, those four aren’t afraid. Whether it was Shanan’s huge overhead squat PRs, or Shane carrying us through a brutal set of thrusters the beginning for CrossFit Austin was amazing to watch, but the future is bright.

Over the last year and a half I’ve seen Stacey transform herself from a casual fitness enthusiast into a true force to be reckoned within the CrossFit world, but that was just the beginning. And while watching her struggle, and fight for a muscle-up this weekend was hands down the toughest moment for me, I’m not disappointed, discouraged, or sad, because I know. I know it’s just the beginning.

Hundreds of muscle-ups are in our quiet leader’s future, along with the group that rallied around her. Seeing Stacey and all of our folks give every ounce of themselves this weekend only strengthens the confidence I have everyday I walk into the gym. Confidence that people will continue lift each other up, confidence in the beginning of something special here in South Austin.

Be a provenance of something gathered, a summation of previous intuitions, let your vulnerabilities walking on the cracked sliding limestone be this time, not a weakness, but a faculty for understanding what’s about to happen
– David Whyte

Come join us at 7 PM tonight at Little Woodrow’s to celebrate some fantastic athletes, and a bright future.

AM Results
Chaz 9:48
Nick 7:15
Neal 8:03
Jables 9:17 (KR)
Kirk 7:51
Ray 9:31
Liz 14:15 (KR)
Rob 8:18
Arnie 17:08 (KR, 20″)
Kristin 11:20 (MOD)
Tow Matt 11:08
PM Results
Cat 13:32 (KR)
Betsy 11:41 (ROM)
Claire 11:20 (ROM)
Anthony R. 12:33 (ROM)
“G” 12:39 RX
Shanan 10:38 RX
Mel 11:38 (KR)
Ryan 14:14 (ROM)
Aaron DNF
Winner 15:49 RX
The Beast 14:25 (ROM)
OJoe 17:25 (KR)
Mark 15:02 (KR, 18″)
Jerry 10:55 RX
Jess 16:24 (KR)
Patrick 15:48 RX
Hoss 14:32 (KR)
Alex 14:57 (KR)
Kiehler 14:46 RX
On Ramp
Andre 4:34 (5:36)
Trey 4:57 (7:13)
Mike 4:57
Nick 4:58 (DNF)
Tina 4:44 (7:05)
L.V. 4:08