WOD 6/7

Level Two
A. Squat x5x5 @ 85% Rest 3:00
B. DB Floor Press x5x5 (Heavy, RPE 8-9) Rest 2:00
C1. Horizontal Ring Row x8x3 Rest :45
C2. DB Muscle Snatch x8x3 Rest :45
C3. Good Mornings x8x3 Rest :45

Level One (Day 12)
Kettle Bell Swings
Handstand Push Up progression

A. DL 3×5 Rest 1:00
B. FR Reverse Lunge x6-8/legx3 Rest 1:00

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“Eagles come in all shapes and sizes, but you will recognize them chiefly by their attitudes.” – E. F. Schumacher


AM – Level 1
Andrew S
Uriel S
Bradley S
Christian S
Amy S
Caitlin S
AM – Level 2
Sean S
Ivan S
Guthrie S
LaRosa S
Sparker S
Becky S
Leah S
Nicole S
Big Spoon S
MegO S
Beast S
Jo S
TowMatt S
Jenna S
Michael S
Ballet S
Dusty S
Paul S
Marissa S
Jeff S
Ray S
Christina S
Linda S
AM – Ladies’
Denise S
Mer S
Jenny S
Michelle S
Tanya S
12P – Level 1
Whitney S
Duffy S
Brandon S
Lance S
Money S
PM – Level 2
Pinky S
Parnell S
Erin S
Alan S
Fernando S
Wade S
Missy S
C2 S
Desiree S
Mr. T S
Adrian S
Raquel S
Wood S
Denise S
George S
Schittone S
Stormye S
Ryan Mon 300lb 3:30
Angela S
Crash S
Sanchez S
Gabriel S
Ashley S
Colleen S
2-Toned S
Shug S
E-Rod S
PM – Level 1
Chad S
Araceli S
Evil S
Nancy S
Betsy S
Jill S
Amy S
Melissa K S
Shannon S
John S
Jorge S
Laurel S