WOD 6/9

Strength Endurance Training

4 Sets
10 Pull-ups (work strict if you don’t have 3 yet)
2:00 Rest
10 Unbroken Thruster
2:00 Rest
*Record number of pull-ups achieved unbroken/sets, heaviest Thruster weight

The best is the enemy of the good. -Voltaire

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AM Results
Thruster Pull-up
Jessica S. 12 lb DB RR
Tow Matt 110 lb KPU
Stephen 110 lb KPU
MGJ 30 lb RR
Sanchez 75 lb Neg.
Heather 55 lb Neg.
Michael 115 lb Neg.
Anthony 90 lb Neg.
PM Results
“G” 60 Neg
Tasha 60 Neg
Coy 65 CU
Kristin 75 RR
Kristen 70 Neg
Nikki 67 Neg
Jables 75 Neg
Jon 150 KPU
Elena 45 Neg
Lance 75 Neg
Danny 115 KPU
Zayra 45 RR
Melody 35 RR
Lana 45 RR
Veronica 45 RR
Geno 115 KPU
Courtney 37 RR
Chrissy 45 RR
On Ramp
Yvonne 3′:44
Ty 6:31
Cheyenne 4:39
Mark 5:49
Yoon Sin 4:48
Jessica 5:33