WOD 7/1

A1.  Handstand Holds x:30 x5  rest 1:00
A2.  DB Snatches x3-5/Arm x5  rest 1:00
B1.  Ring Static Holds x:30 x4  rest 1:00
B2.  Russian Step-ups x10/leg x4  rest 1:00
C.     15 Minute Recovery Row (Easy Pace)
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– Livestrong Fundraiser and WOD in honor of Colleen Legge’s 5 year cancer-versary! Go here to donate and participate, and reserve your time slot here! We have opened a new 8:00am heat!
– July 4th, we will be running a limited schedule. We will have a 10:00am class.
– July 5th, free WOD at 7:00pm. Bring your friends and family and sign them up here.