WOD 7/1

“Exploding Cindy”
Max Rounds in 15 Minutes
3 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
7 Clapping Push-ups
13 Jump Squats

I think exercise tests us in so many ways, our skills, our hearts, our ability to bounce back after setbacks. This is the inner beauty of sports and competition, and it can serve us all well as adult athletes.  -Peggy Flemming

Go To Sleep!

*Holiday Hours- No Class Saturday July 4th

img_113960 Thrusters! Fantastic job Laura!

AM Results    
Rob 15 Rx
Jennie 14 (Knee, Blue Band)
Kim 17 (ROM, Knee PU, Jump)
Laura 17 (Knee PU, Jump)
Daniel 12 Rx
PM Results    
Tristy 13 (Knee PU, Blue Band)
Tazia 13 (Knee PU, Jump)
Seth 11 Rx
Mel 11 (Knee PU, White Band)
Dave 10 (ROM, Jump)
Keir 13 Rx
Stacey 14 Rx
Betsy 14 (Knee, Blue Band)
Ashley 10 (Knee PU, Jump)
JJ 7 (Blue Band)
Walker  13 (Knee PU, Chin Over)
Smeth 14 Rx
Michael 14 Rx
Erika 4:21 (50 Squat, 500 M Row)