WOD 7/20

All Levels
A1. RDL x5x4 by feel Rest :30
A2. Long Stroke Split Squats x5/leg x 4 Rest :30
B1. Rocket Jumps x6-8×3 Rest :30
B2. Bentover Rows x6-8×3 Rest :30
B3. DB Hip Thrusts x15x3 Rest :30

300 M Run

Extra Credit
Accumulate 1:00 in an L-sit

“The will to succeed is important, but what’s more important is the will to prepare.” – Bobby Knight


  • Congratulations to our very talented and amazing Darlene Price for her incredible performance and 7th place finish at the CrossFit Games this weekend! #dapriceisAMAZING!!!
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AM – All Levels
MegO 9:51 (J)
John 9:00 Rx
Big Spoon 5:46 Rx
JV 7:25 (J)
Marc 10:09 Rx
Ivan 6:12 Rx
Stephen 7:22 Rx
Tow Matt 7:30 Rx
James 7:37 (J)
Todd 8:21 Rx
Erin 8:13 Rx
Ballet 6:45 Rx
Linda 8:09 (J)
Valyn 8:02 (J)
Christina 7:40 (J)
Heather 7:36 (J)
Thurst 9:19 Rx
Marc S 10:24 Rx
Mer 8:56 (J)
E-Rod 8:22 (J)
Jenny 6:46 (J)
12P – All Levels
Jenna 6:02 (J)
Amy 10:09 (MOD)
Parnell S
Jamey 9:07 Rx
Randy 9:28 Rx
Jennifer 7:41 (J)