WOD 7/5

Make-up Day/Strength Day

A1. Front Squat x4x3 @ 2212 70-75% rest :30
A2. Walking Lunges x10/leg x3  Rest 1:00
B1. Snatch DL x5x3 @ 4010, 70-75% rest :45
B2. Strict Chin-ups 10-12×3  @ 20xo rest :45
B3. Seated DB Press x6-8×3 @ 2020 rest :45

– Free workout tonight at 7:00pm with Coach Walker Fenz.  Sign up
here to reserve your spot!
– Our Lakefront Boot Camp starts again tomorrow morning at 6:00am at AMLI South Shore!  Sign up
here to reserve your spot!
– Let your friends and family know that on July 23rd, they are invited to join your at our Saturday Team WOD!  Everyone is welcome to come and try out CrossFit.
– Our next CrossFit Austin HAPPY HOUR will be  July 26th at 7:00pm.  The location is to be announced.

Patriotism is easy to understand in America. It means looking out for yourself by looking out for your country.
-Calvin Coolidge

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Huge thanks to everyone that came out on Saturday!
We raised over $1,500 for LIVESTRONG and celebrated the lives of some great people!

AM Results
MG Jenny S
Melicious S
9am S
Mego S
Ty S
Matthew S
Ginger S
Stephen S
Peter S
Jenny S
Colleen S
Michael S
Ray S
Nellyn 16:28 (KR)
Dayna 14:27 (ROM TTB)
Letty S
Emily S
PM Results
Cat S
Betsy Mon, 11:52 Rx
Stephanie Mon, 13:00 (KR)
Danny S
Fro S
Cody S
Kristen S
Tristy S
Ryan S
Tariq S
Alex S
Winner S
Elena S
Lance S
Boone S
Stacey S
Leigh S
Jon S
Blake S
Ryan S
Tariq S
Dain S
Alex S
Skipper S
Courtney S
Chrissy S
Heather S
Schittone S
Eric S
Randy S
Sean S