WOD 8/12

Make up/Skill Day/Squat Day

Nasty ole’ Fran
Excuse me, your lungs are on fire
Swing and Squat

Obstacles are those frightening things that become visible when we take our eyes off our goals.-Henry Ford

Barefoot best for kids

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AM Result
Andrew 5 (12K)
David 6 (16 K)
Ray Skill
Amber 5:07
PM Results
“G” 12:19 Rx
Patrick 6 Rx
John 6 Rx
Ryan 8:35 (75lbs)
Nick Squats
Stacey CC
Blake CC
Christy 7 (12K)
Winner 6 Rx
Jerry CC
Sleeves CC
Chris Squats
LG 12:10 (53lbs, BB)
Arnie 8:34 (75lbs, Jump)
Alex 11:01 (3xS)
Jennifer 12:14 (3xS)
Melly 17:37 (3xS)
Walker CC
Carissa CC