WOD 8/12

All Levels

Rowing Reveiw

Team WOD
1000 M Row
3 Rounds
20 Flutter Kicks
20 Step-ups (Total)
20 Wall Balls (20lbs, 14lbs)
1000 M Row
*Teams of 2-3 
*One team members starts the row & when they finish, the next member starts.  Teammates cannot pass the person in front of them.  All team members must do all reps.

An Olympian’s Perspective on the CrossFit Games
By Chad Vaughn


– Saturday, August 13th, our regular classes will be canceled and we will be having CrossFit Total Day!  You will need to sign up here under “seminars & boot camps” for a time slot.  There are time slots open at 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00am.  Let’s lift some heavy weights CFA!

AM Results
Colleen, Carissa & Leslie 30:08
Mike & Tow Matt 22:59
Erica & Ty 25:58
Thurst & Jenny 27:31
Magnesio’s 21:34
Letty 17:52
Crash & Stephanie 24:14
Vanessa & Emily 30:47
Heather,Daniells,& Coy 30:53
LakeFront Bootcamps
Jillian 18:56
Renee 14:48
Tara 18:01