WOD 8/20

Push-up Challenge Day 14
Buy in: 2800/1400
Push-ups for the day: 200/100

5 Rounds

1:00 Yo Yos (Run 10 yards, Backpedal 10 yards, Run 5 yards, Back Pedal 5 yards = 1 rep)
:30 Mountain Climbers (R, L = 1 rep)
:30 Handstand Holds

Continuous clock, score max reps

One well-cultivated talent, deepened and enlarged, is worth one hundred shallow faculties. -William Matthews

TIME Magazine lets us all down

img_1527bHappy Birthday Sherman!

**Announcements** The Dutch Lowy Performance Development Seminar is this Saturday (There will be no Saturday workout this week). If you’re interested in going and haven’t signed up yet shoot me an email.

CF Austin happy hour tonight @ Little Woodrows (after the 6:30 PM class)!

The On-Ramp Program starts on Monday, August 31st @ 7:30 PM. Who should come?
– Anyone who is brand new to CrossFit or a new member of CrossFit Austin.
– Anyone who is a current member that feels that are lacking in the fundamentals of our program.
– Anyone who is a current member and would like to review and solidify the their fundamentals.

AM Results
Erica 31 Rx
Mike 35 Rx
Jerry 39 Rx
Rob 52 (115lb Press Hold)
Blake 45 Rx
Andrew 34 Rx
Kim 28 (Pike Hold)
Tow Matt 30 (Pike Hold)
Amber 26 Rx
Heather 23 (Wall Jump, Pike Hold)
PM Results
Mac 41 (65 lb OVHD Hold)
Nugget 46 Rx
Betsy 42 Rx
Big Matt 27 Rx
Walker 41 Rx
Ashley 24 (Pike Hold)
Sherman 36 Rx
Smeth 38 Rx