WOD 8/23

Weekly Buy In/Cash Out
:90/side of Side Planks (Fraction as needed)
:90 of Front Planks (Fraction as needed)

3 Sets
1/4 Drop Snatch+Overhead Squat+Drop Snatch 2+2+2


3 Sets
10 Back Squats  (increase 10-20 lbs from last week)


4 Rounds
:30 Push Press (65 lb, 45 lb)
:30 Jump Rope (DU’s= 2 Singles=1)
:30 Push Press (65 lb, 45 lb)
:30 Jump Rope (DU’s= 2 Singles=1)
1:00 Rest

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AM Results
Ainsley 491 (35lbs)
Andrew 320 Rx
David 364 Rx
Kirk 344 Rx
Traci 525 Rx
Charles 486 Rx
Stephen 452 Rx
Liz 509 Rx
Tasha 408 Rx
Jables 382 Rx
John 410 Rx
Angie 364 (35 lb)
PM Results
Tristy 582 Rx
Winner 567 Rx
Claire 489 Rx
Cat 555 Rx
Ryan 515 Rx
Patrick 432 Rx
Christy 485 Rx
Courtney 493 Rx
Chris 471 Rx
Schittone ? Rx
Jess 475 (45 lb)
Boone 467 Rx
Melly 369 (35lb)
Heath 534 Rx
Megan 448 Rx
Zoom ? Rx
Darlene 457 Rx
Jen 484 Rx
Anthony 446 (45lb)
TP 87 Presses (35lb)
On Ramp
Kavi 9:20
Ginger 9:20
Stephanie 9:20