WOD 8/23

Level Two

Make-up Day

A1. Seated DB Press x6-8×3  Rest :90
A2. Front Rack Reverse Lunges x6-8/side x3  Rest :90
B1. Powell Raises x6-8×4 Rest :45
B2.  GH Raises x4-6×4  Rest :45
C1. Side Plank :60-:90/side x3  Rest :30
C2. DB External Rotator x10-12×3  Rest :30
C3. Lateral Monster Walk x:60×3  Rest :30

Level One (Day 11)

Toes to Bar Progression
Handstand Progression
Box Jumps

5 Rounds
5 Box Jumps (Step down)
20 Singles
5 Toes to Bar
20 Singles

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Hadza Squat
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AM Results
Level 2
Mego S
Nick S
Erica S
Tow Matt Th 11:25 (CTB PU)
Mikey 3.25
Mel S
Big Shug S
Liz S
Coy S
Walker 3.25
Jenny S
Level 1
Jeff 5
TJ 5
Mark 5
PM Results
Gilbert S
Fro S
Stephanie S
Cat F: 2.5
Sherman F: 3
Kristin F: 3
Jables W: 117 T1, 1202 T2
Boone S
Betsy S
Winner S
Jeanette S
Stacey S
Leigh S
Colleen S
Jon S
Jerry F, 3
Blake 186 T1, 1306 T2
Geno S
Carissa W 135, 1129
Ryan W 176, 1249
Alex S
Amy S
Ross S
Courtney W MOD, 1279
Schittone CFT 245, 125, 345
Veronica S
Peter S
Kavi S
Skipper S
David S