WOD 8/29

Level Two

750 M Row
DB Power Snatch (35 lb, 20 lb)
*50 Yard Run b/t each exercise
i.e. Push-up, Run, Snatch, Run, Push-up, Run, Snatch
*Time posted

Level One (Day 1)

Hollow Position
Push ups

3 Rounds
:45 50 yard Shuttle runs
:15 Rest
:45 5 Push-ups/5 Squats
:15 Rest
*Record runs+rounds

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–  Starting THIS week there will be some changes to the CFA Class Schedule.  We will be adding an additional 5:30pm Level One class to the schedule on Mon, Wed and Thurs!
–  Starting NEXT week, our Mon. and Wed. noon Level One class will be moving to Tues. and Thurs.
–  If you are interested in jumping over boxes, climbing across pull-up bars and possibly learning to run up walls, then sign up here for a FREE Parkour Class at CFA on Sept. 3rd from 11:30-12:30pm.
– Sign up here for the next Olympic Lifting class that starts this Thursday, Sept. 1st.  If this is your first time taking Chad’s class, please sign up for the 7:30pm class.  All vets, please sign up for either 3:00pm or 6:30pm.

AM Results
Nick 16:02 Rx
Mike 19:02 Rx
Mikey 22:24 Rx
Beast 21:24 (15lbs)
Courtney 20:53 (15lbs, KPU)
Big Shug 25:29 (15lbs, KPU)
Mego 30.21 (KPU)
Ginger 22:08 (10lbs, KPU)
MGJ 31:10 (KPU)
Chaz S
Ivan 19:02 Rx
Cody 17:24 Rx
9am 21:15 Rx
Kirk S
Tow Matt 19:31 Rx
Ray 18:00 Rx


20:29 (15lbs)
Level One
Cindy 1.75
Misty 3.5 (15lbs, Goblet)
Jill 4 (45lbs, OVHD)
Jaime 2.75 (20lbs, Goblet)
Mark 3.75 (20lbs, Goblet)
Lake Front Boot Camp
Bibiana 14:06
Tara 13:39
Lisa 17:31
Dayna 17:37 Rx
Lane 20:26 Rx
Cat 24:17 Rx
Heather 24:30 (15lbs, KPU)
Blake 17:08 Rx
Jesse 25:58 Rx


23:37 (KPU)
Tarik 19:30 Rx NR
Jesse 16:33 (30lbs) NR
Prince 20:38 (20lbs) NR
Anthony 21:36 (30lb) NR
Sanchez 14:38  35lb NR
Lana 20:26 (15lb) NR
AG 18:33 Rx
Sleeves 15:30 Rx
Stacy 14:58 Rx
Leigh 14:56 Rx
Andrew 27:28 (25lb)
Randy 20:08 (30lbs)
Mad Dog 22:03 (15lbs, KPU)
Snooki 24:30 (15lbs, KPU)
Aaron 25:15 (KPU)
Sherman 22:03 Rx
Stephanie 21:28 Rx
Betsy 13:53 Scaled
Winner 19:05 (KPU)
Gilbert 16:31 Rx
Kaz 19:38 (30lbs)
Colleen 21:03 Scaled
Jeanette 22:24 Rx
Turk 17:31 Rx
“G” 21:56 Rx
Crash 21:58 15lb
Zoom 24:30 RX
Megan 22:53 RX
Schittone 22:04 25lb
Danny 15:32 RX
Kavi 22:29 30lb
Level One
Marco 3
Jules 3.5
Rhea 3
Jonathan 4
Chrissy 7
Josie 3.5
Tony 3
Katie 5
Bryan 7.5
Jenna 6
Vanessa 6