WOD 9/1

Labor Day Weekend Schedule
Saturday: Normal Hours
Monday: Noon Class only

Weekly Buy In/Cash Out
Strict Knees to Elbows 6-10
Push-ups (2011) 10

Clean & Jerk
*Weight recorded


3 Sets
2+3 Clean Liftoffs + Clean Deadlift
:30 Rest
AMRAP Kip Dips
2:00 Rest
*Post weight, and reps to comments


2 Rounds
10 Push Presses (95 lbs, 65 lbs)
200 M Run
15 Lateral Jump Burpees
Hill Sprint
*Post time to comments

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-Ladies Night will be moved to the second Monday of the month in September due to Labor day.  It will be September 13th at 7:30pm at Aubrey’s house (4529 Corran Ferry Loop, Austin 78749)
-Part 2 of the Mohican Warrior Challenge is around the corner, Sept. 11th.  If you signed up for Part 1, please email
tristystep@gmail.com to reserve your time slot for Part 2!  If you are only signing up for Part 2 of the Challenge, please sign up for your time slot here 
**Also, we need judges/counters (especially for 9am)!  If you are interested in helping out, even if you aren’t competing, email tristystep@gmail.com
-Fight Gone Bad, Sept. 25th…sign up and reserve your spot!!
-Check out the new Recipe tab under Member Resources!  Submit your favorite Paleo Recipe to boone@crossfitaustin.com or tristy@crossfitaustin.com

AM Results
Nick 210lbs
Ainsley 73lbs
Flex 50lbs
Stephanie 70lbs
Michelle 65lbs
Scott 65lbs
Sherman 155 lb
Ryan 165 lb
PM Results
Cat 90lb
Sara 40lb
Claire 70lb
Patrick 140lb
G 85lb
Collane 105lb
Chris 135lb
Jess 85lb
Winner 75lb
Betsy 95lb
Mark 75lb
Kristin Skill
Stacey 125lb
Cari 85lb
Skipper 85lb
Darlene 85lb
Brandon 205lb
Boone 205lb
LG 75lb
Schittone 125lb
Megan 65lb
Jen 65lb
Kavi Skill
On Ramp
Eric 3