WOD 9/1

Level Two

20 Minutes AMRAP
5 Push-ups
10 Russian Step-ups (total)
20 Yd Waiters Walk (10 yd down, 10 yd back, switch hands)
5 Burpees
100 M Run
20 Yd Farmers Walk (10 yd down, 10 yd back)

Level One (Day 3)

Frank Squat
Back Squat
Waiter’s Bend

A1. Back Squats x5x3 32X1 rest :30
A2. Seated DB Ext. Rotation x10-12×3 rest :60
B1. DB Press x6-8×3 Rest 1:00
B2. RDLs x4-6x 3 @ 4111 rest 1:00
C. Ab exercise of choice x30 reps

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. -John Ruskin

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–  Starting THIS week there will be some changes to the CFA Class Schedule.  We will be adding an additional 5:30pm Level One class to the schedule on Mon, Wed and Thurs!
–  Starting NEXT week, our Mon. and Wed. noon Level One class will be moving to Tues. and Thurs.
–  If you are interested in jumping over boxes, climbing across pull-up bars and possibly learning to run up walls, then sign up
here for a FREE Parkour Class at CFA on Sept. 3rd from 11:30-12:30pm.
– Sign up
here for the next Olympic Lifting class that starts TODAY.  If this is your first time taking Chad’s class, please sign up for the 7:30pm class.  All vets, please sign up for either 3:00pm or 6:30pm.

AM Results
Nick 9+SU (55)
Courtney 7+B (20)
Ty 7+SU (20)
Beast 7+B (20)
Janice 7+PU (15)
Big Shug 6+WW (15)
Mr. T 7 (45)
Mad Dog 9+WW (15)
J.V. 7+WW (15)
Carissa 8+SU (25)
Jerry 8+SU (55)
Ginger 7+PU (15)
Peter 7+B (35)
Tow Matt 8 (55)
9am 7+B (50)
MG Jenny 6 (20)
Michael 7+SU (50)
Walker 9 (20)
Colleen 7+WW (20)
Level 1
Cindy S
Rhea S
Elizabeth S
Caitlyn S
Mark S
Mark S
Heidi S
PM Results
Jon 11+B (55 lb)
Stacey 11 (50 lb)
Tristy 9+PU (40 lb)
Jeanette 9+SU (20 lb)
Leigh 11+PU (50 lb)
Kaz 11+B (45 lb)
Geno S
AG 8+WW (55 lb)
Schittone 6+Run (30 lb)
Uzi 5+WW (40 lb)