WOD 9/11

Mohican Warrior Challenge Part 2

The Mohican Warrior Challenge starts today at 9:00am.  Below are the workouts!

Workout 1:

Take 7 Minutes to work to a heavy Clean and Jerk
For 1o Minutes on the Minute
Complete 1 Clean, or 1 Clean and Jerk (Push or Split Jerk allowed)
*Weight can be increased ONLY 2 times during the workout, it can not be decreased 
*For every completed Jerk a 2 lb bonus will be added to your final weight
*For every missed clean, a 2 lb penalty will be subtracted from your final weight
*Score= Final Weight +/- bonuses and penalties

Workout 2:

2 Rounds
15 Thrusters (M: 95 lb, W: 65 lb)
15 Lateral Jump Burpees
400 M Run
10 Overhead Squats (M: 95 lb, W: 65 lb)
10 Pull-ups (M: Chest to bar, W: Chin over bar)
400 M Run
*25 Minute Cap
*Score= total time, or 25 minutes+numbers of rep not completed

Divisions Modifications
Elite: M: Rx as listed W: Rx as listed

M: 65 lb
M: Pull-ups

W:45 lb
W: Jumping Pull-ups x2
Beginner: M: 45 lb
M: Jumping Pull-ups x2
M: 200 M Run

W: 25 lbs
W: Jumping Pull-ups
W: 200 M Run

Final Scoring for the event will be as follows:
Total Seconds in “Hawkeye” – Total Weight in “Chinagook”= Final Score
Goal is the lowest final score possible

Scoring Example:
time 18:13 or 1093 Seconds. Score: 1093 Points
Highest weight cleaned 245 lb, made 8 jerks for 16 bonus lbs, missed one clean -2 lbs penalty.  Score: 245+16-2= 259 points
Final Score:
1093-259= 834