WOD 9/14

All Levels
Partner Skill Session

3 Rounds
10 Partner Horizontal Ring Rows
10 Med Ball Over/Unders
20 Half Twists/Side
20 Full Twists/Side
10 Burgener Star Jumps (Contacts)


20:00 Partner Row
*2-person teams
*Row as far as possible in 20:00

Hey, Perky! Let’s talk about that coffee…
*Post thoughts to comments 

“Blessed is he who has learned to laugh at himself for he shall never cease to be entertained.” – John Boswell


  • The Athlete Open was such an amazing event! Thanks to everyone who supported this event and congrats to all of the competitors!
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  • Have you heard about the “We the People” Fundraiser? Learn more here.
  • The 1st CrossFit Classics Event is coming up on 9/28! Learn more here.
All Levels-AM
Bigspoon/Turk 4753 M
Keith/Styx 4375 M
Janice/Mego 4200 M
Tow Matt/Ballet 4741 M
Robert/A.J. 4645 M
Jeff/E.J. 5032 M
Suzi 2750 M
Todd/Andy 4487 M
Jenny/James/Mer 4382 M
All Levels – Noon
Crash/Jables 4424 M
Sanchez/Keihl 4821 M
Trixsi/Snider/Cameron 4385 M