WOD 9/2

Labor Day Weekend Schedule
Saturday: Normal Hours
Monday: Noon Class only

Weekly Buy In/Cash Out
Strict Knees to Elbows 6-10
Push-ups (2011) 10

We have only 2 choices today, either Fight Gone Bad, or lift weights.

Make-up FGB


Squat Program:
Back Squats
Front Squats

The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire. -John N. Mitchell

Another reason to partake in the Squat Program

-Ladies Night will be moved to the second Monday of the month in September due to Labor day.  It will be September 13th at 7:30pm at Aubrey’s house (4529 Corran Ferry Loop, Austin 78749)
-Part 2 of the Mohican Warrior Challenge is around the corner, Sept. 11th.  If you signed up for Part 1, please email
tristystep@gmail.com to reserve your time slot for Part 2!  If you are only signing up for Part 2 of the Challenge, please sign up for your time slot here 
**Also, we need judges/counters (especially for 9am)!  If you are interested in helping out, even if you aren’t competing, email tristystep@gmail.com
-Fight Gone Bad, Sept. 25th…sign up and reserve your spot!!
-Check out the new Recipe tab under Member Resources!  Submit your favorite Paleo Recipe to boone@crossfitaustin.com or tristy@crossfitaustin.com

AM Results
TP 269 (MOD)
Flex 166 (Scale)
David 145 lb CJ, Squats
Andrew 145 lb CJ, Squats
Crash 250 Scale
Joe 259 Rx
PM Results
Tasha Squats
Claire Squats
“G” 199 Rx
Mark Squats
John Squats
Patrick 250 Rx
Julie 201 Rx
Winner Squats
Schittone Squats
J.J. Squats
Stephanie Squats

184 Scaled

Ginger Squats
Jennifer Squats
Melly Squats
Juan Carlos 192 Scaled
Skipper 255 Scaled
L.G. Squats
Alex Squats
Brandon Squats