WOD 9/20

Level Two
A1. Press x5x5 50%+Chains Rest 1:00
A2. WTD Chin-ups x5x5 Rest 1:00 *Lower for up to:30 on the last rep
B. Squat x10x3 @ 95% of last week 10 RM
C. Good Morning x5x3 (by feel)
D. Glute/AB Circuit

Level One (TEST DAY)
A. Hip Power Snatch
B. Hip Power Clean
C. Back Squat 3 RM
D. :90 Front Plank Hold

Nutrition for healthy skin
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“There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.” – Thich Nhat Hanh


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AM – Level 1 P Snatch P Clean 3RM Squat
Heidi 45lb 45lb 45lb
Kandaace MOD
Anna 55lb 65lb 105lb
Eddie 85lb 105lb 185lb
Gabriel 35lb 35lb 125lb
Erich 35lb 95lb 185lb
Eric 65lb 85lb 115lb
Dakota 85lb 115lb 135lb
Morgen 50lb 65lb 125lb
AM – Level 2
Ivan S
Alex S
Becky S
Big Spoon S
Guthrie S
Christian S
MegO S
Leah S
Jessie S
Kirk S
Michael S
Money S
Paul S
Michele S
Jeff S
Ray S
AM – Ladies’
Mer S
Josie S
Jenny S
Taylor S
Caitlyn S
Emily S
12P – Level 1
Snick 85lb 95lb 145lb
Cameron 95lb 115lb 185lb
49er 85lb 95lb 155lb
Dixie 95lb 110lb 145lb
Michelle 55lb 70lb 100lb
Shannon 20lb 30lb 35lb
PM – Level 2
Araceli S
Helen S
Rhett S
Jamey S
Sanchez S
Melissa S
E-Rod S
Marky Marc S
Gabriel S
Blake S
Caitlin S
Zac S
Shug S
Gary S
Holly S
Pam S
Kevin S
Mike B S
Jenna S
Kavi S
C2 S
Wade S
Andy S
Missy S
Patti S
Alyson S
Rachel S
Evil S
Chrissy S
PM – Level 1
Megan 55lb 65lb 90lb
Mike 85lb 95lb 235lb
Vinnie 85lb 95lb 210lb
Chris 85lb 95lb 175lb
Angelica 65lb 65lb 90lb
Sara 45lb 65lb 95lb