WOD 9/6

Level Two

Make Up/Skill Day

Strength WOD
A. Back Squat x5x5 @ 80%+ rest 3:00
B. Deadlift Cluster x 3 @ 80-85% rest :50 b/t reps 3:00 B/t sets
C1. Strict Pull-ups x5x3 Rest :45
C2. Barbell Roll out x5x3 rest :45
C3. Waiters Walk x:30/sidex3 rest :45

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Celiac in Sweden
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Level One (Day 4)



Team WOD
3 Rounds
250 M Row
10 Walking Russian Lunges (total)
10 Partner Chin-ups
*2 person teams Partner B can’t move on until partner A has finished exercise

– Starting this week, our Monday and Wednesday noon Level One class will move to Tuesdays and Thursdays.
– Anyone who would like to help with our move on Saturday is more than welcome!!  We will be painting, putting down flooring, moving equipment and all kinds of fun stuff.  We will be providing lunch and drinks for all those who are kind enough to volunteer their time!
CFA will have a small but mighty presentation at FGB this year at Camp Mabry on Saturday Sept. 17. You can donate and/or register here. If you are participating this year, please email Walker (walker@crossfitaustin.com) for more information.

Level 1
Cynthia & Maggie 17:17 6#
Jaime & Mark 15:56 10#
YoonSin & Ginger 15:40 10#
Michele & Cindy 18:07
Tow Matt S
Kirk S
Mego S
Nick S
Erica S
MG Jenny S
Chaz S
Melicious S
Walker S
Cody S
Kaz S
Emily S
Noon Level I
Aaron/Pantera 11:40 #10
Heidi 12:26 #10
PM Results
Cat Th: ?
Danny S
Boone S
Coy S
Crash S
Zoom S
Winner S
Heather Th: 6 rds
Leigh S
Betsy S
Stacey S
Sleeves S
Jon S
Kristin Fr: 132 (135)
Mikey FR: 344 (195)
Turk S
Courtney S
Carissa S
Gilbert S
Dain S
Alex S
Skipper S
Peter S
Stephen S
Amy S
Schittone S
Veronica S