WOD 9/6

Noon Class Only today, CC meets tomorrow

Buy in/Cash out
Accumulate 5-10 minutes in the bottom of a deep relaxed squat

4 Sets
5 Overhead Squats
:30 Rest
15 Unbroken Kip Pull-ups (CTB, COB)
2:00 Rest
*Scale pull-ups to number that can be done unbroken
*Increase Overhead Squat weight each set


3 Rounds
25 Unbroken Burpees
400 M Sprint
3:00 Rest
*Scale burpees to a number that can be done unbroken

Without labor nothing prospers. -Sophocles

-Ladies Night will be moved to the second Monday of the month in September due to Labor day.  It will be September 13th at 7:30pm at Aubrey’s house (4529 Corran Ferry Loop, Austin 78749)
-Part 2 of the Mohican Warrior Challenge is around the corner, Sept. 11th.  If you signed up for Part 1, please email
tristystep@gmail.com to reserve your time slot for Part 2!  If you are only signing up for Part 2 of the Challenge, please sign up for your time slot here 
**Also, we need judges/counters (especially for 9am)!  If you are interested in helping out, even if you aren’t competing, email tristystep@gmail.com
-Take advantage of free Olympic lifting classes with 2 time Olympian, Chad Vaughn. Sign up here
Fight Gone Bad, Sept. 25th…sign up and reserve your spot!!