WOD 9/9

All Levels

Back Squat


5 Rounds
10 Reverse Front Rack Lunges (total)
10 Push-ups
*Not for time

A coward is much more exposed to quarrels than a man of spirit.  -Thomas Jefferson

How to Keep Catastrophic Thoughts from Killing You
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– Anyone who would like to help with our move TOMORROW (Saturday) is more than welcome!!  We will be painting, putting down flooring, moving equipment and all kinds of fun stuff.  We will be providing lunch and drinks for all those who are kind enough to volunteer their time!
The Saturday classes will still meet at their regular times, but you are welcome to come early or stay late to help out and burn some extra calories!! 
– **Saturday is also an opportunity to help out the victims of the central Texas fires. Julie (“Crash”) Shamblin will be collecting donations during the “work day party” to take to the Bastrop donation center. If you have questions, feel free to talk to Crash, email caitlyn@crossfitaustin.com, or check out our Facebook event page. Thanks!
CFA will have a small but mighty presentation at FGB this year at Camp Mabry on Saturday Sept. 17. You can donate and/or register here. If you are participating this year, please email Walker (walker@crossfitaustin.com) for more information.

Strength Day!
AMLI Bootcamp
Bibiana :13
Tara :09
Travis :08
Jillian :09
Liz :09
Josh :09
Justin :09
AM Results
Chaz S
Kirk S
Mego S (93)
Erica S (73)
MGJ S (125)
Maggie S (65)
Cynthia S (65)
Michele S (65)
Mel S (145)
Walker S (145)
Elizabeth S
David S
Veronica S
Shane S
Colleen S
Jenny S
Dayna S
Melody S
Noon Results
Marco S
Aaron S
Heather S
Jesse S
Cody S
Vanessa S
Rhea S