010 || Diaries of a Coach – New Year’s Resolutions…


What were the last three New Year’s Resolutions you made? Do you remember?


Did you make one last year? Did you follow through?


Think about it for just a second.


What made you succeed? What made you fail?


If you didn’t make one, what was your reason for not?


I’ll admit, historically, I just don’t do it. For a long time I think it was the fear of failing that kept me from committing to a resolution. More recently, I’ve disagreed on principle with the whole premise of only setting goals and putting forth effort toward their accomplishment once a year. But that has quite possibly been a cover up for the added pressure of a New Year’s Resolution, the still present fear of failing and my lack of motivation. After all, the idea of a resolution tends to be something we need to “give up” which means we want it but shouldn’t have it. So deny ourselves intentionally of what we really want, who wants to do that?


Well it’s officially that time again my friends, time to decide on the dreaded New Year’s Resolution. Maybe you’re thinking, “Nooooooo, it’s not time yet!” Ok friends, step one is realizing that it is, in fact, time. Thinking ahead, thinking about it now, will play a part in your success. If we take the time now to put thought into where we REALLY want to be and want we need to do to get there, goals will be more meaningful and we will undoubtedly take more ownership in getting there. Decide now what areas need some slight adjustments in the New Year and an intentional resolution to making them happen. Think through possible plans of action to get there, what resources do you have? What do you need? I promise the New Year is coming, fast!


Step two, narrow the scope. As of today, I have been asked to be a part of two New Year “challenges.” Anyone else? Saying no is a lost art for many, including me, but we need to. You can’t do it all and do it well. There are two areas that I’d like to focus on in 2018, because neither of these offers would get me closer to my goals in those areas, a “no” is crucial. Time and energy are limited resources, invest them well. After all, we always seem to be complaining that we lack one or the other. Pick one or two things, not 12, and really commit. And make sure they are actually attainable, given your time, resources and motivation.


Third, figure out what success looks like. How will you know when you get there? Is success measurable? Can you track some sort of progress along the way? Think about it in terms of the accomplishment rather than what it might cost to get there. If the end result is your motivation, it is less likely to dwindle as the busyness and stress of life settle in.


And lastly, tell everyone. Like, literally, everyone. I’m serious. The more we are encouraged and held accountable, which involves communicating our goals, our progress and eventually our success to others, the more we will stick with it. Quite honestly, I’m motivated by how much it would suck to have to answer questions about my progress with, “Oh, I gave up.” (Using pride to my advantage like a champ! Wait, is that bad? Maybe. But it’s the truth!)


A great way to do this is the CFA accountability board. At the start of the New Year, we will feature a board in the gym where you can post your goals and when those goals are met, move them from the “I will…” side to the “I did…” side. This is a great tangible reminder to you and to others in your community who can encourage you along the way!


So when it comes to goals this New Year, plan now, narrow your scope, define success and tell the world! We are here to help, so utilize the accountability board, talk about ways to improve and reach your goals with a coach, sign up for the Whole Life Challenge… make your move CFA, we are in it with you!


Oh, and if I don’t see you before Christmas, have a Merry one! See you on the flip side!

Coach E