Big Dawg Challenge 11/13!

CrossFit Austin is proud to announce that we will be hosting a Big Dawg Challenge on November 13, 2010! To learn more about the Big Dawg Challenge check out James “OPT” Fitzgeralds blog.  The challenge will serve as our regular and CC class on Saturday November 13th.

Register Here to sign up for the Challenge, and make sure to select CrossFit Austin as your host facility.
Sign-in Here to save a spot between 9-11:30 AM on Saturday

More info on the Big Dawg Challenge, and Big Dawg Dish

Big Dawg Challenge:
Big Dawg competitions have traditionally been and will maintain its goal of being a gathering place for folks to compete together or online against one another based on prescribed fitness workouts.

They have been and will continue to be built so that anyone can do them anywhere with the basics. Only expectations are honesty in movement standards and a willingness to help other athletes. For live events the gathering has traditionally been judged by other competitors – i.e. counting reps, watching movements, etc…to keep the camaraderie high. We only expect full effort.

Big Dawg Dish:
Here is our opportunity to help Big Dawg athletes who may not be able to compete due to their financial situation 100% proceeds from the fund will go towards those athletes that represent the Big Dawg family, wish to compete and simply need some financial help.

Small or large, once or 20 times, any amount given will benefit, thank you for your support.