Congratulations to Fittest Games and A League of Their Own Competitors!

We want to give a shout out to some of CFA’s Badass Babes who have recently competed! Congratulations on your hard work and amazing efforts ladies! 

Lindsey Guelde competed in The Fittest Games on January 31st.
Lindsey PR’d her Power Clean at 195 lbs and she ran her 800 m sprint in 3:04.


Leigh LeGare & Stacey Magnesio and Heather Rogers & Kat Bevel competed in A League of Their Own, a women’s only competition, on February 7th. Leigh and Stacey killed it finishing 4th over all in the competition. Kat and Heather made a huge jump in the final two workouts from 18th to finish strong in 12th. They destroyed the 2 minute Max effort Pistol WOD finishing 4th with 83 total reps.


aloto stacey.leigh

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