Congratulations to June Competitors!

It is so exciting for us to see so many of our folks getting out into the community to compete! We had several get out in June to show their stuff and we couldn’t be more proud. Great job on all your accomplishments CFA! Keep up the great work!

Coach Wes Kimball, Leah Alter, Beverly Lopez, and Nick Piacente competed in the Naturally Fit Oly competition on June 6th:

Leah qualified for the Master’s World Cup!


Kim Scott competed in the AFM Fittest Competition on June 13th:

She came in 7th in my division and did the best at:
Burpees – 1st place
Med Ball Toss – 2nd place
40 Yard Dash – 4th place
Mystery Test 2 (under/over) – 5th place
Strict Pull-Ups – 6th place

Lee Perry, Wes Kimball, and Erin Dickson competed in the Bat City competition on June 27th.

Congrats to everyone who participated in MURPH Day 2015!


If we missed anyone please be sure to shoot us a message. If you have an event coming up in July, let us know!

Contact with your competition details!