Diaries of a Coach 023 || Prescription or Preventative – Crossover Symmetry

Hey friends! As we head into the next strength cycle, jerks, I wanted to pass along an article I found that offered a new perspective and prescription on pain. For those of you that have shoulder issues or injuries, this is for you! If not, the value will be more from a preventative standpoint.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. If any of you out there are over 30 like me, (or have just beat up your bodies along the way) you may have experienced a similar struggle. As of late, my shoulder has been giving me a pesky pull in a loaded overhead position. In an effort to pinpoint the pain and it’s cause, I had Coach Gen take a look. What she saw was slight tick of internal rotation of the shoulder when under heavier loads. It’s something that tends to happen with instability and improper activation of the surrounding muscles. The Crossover Symmetry system has been my lifeline the last few weeks, in order to train my mechanics into proper position and activation. In researching the system and its benefits, I came across this article. Definitely worth the read and worth testing out the Crossover Symmetry, whether it is to retrain and alleviate pain or to be proactive to prevent it.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a video from Gen and Tim on how to set it up, what you should be focusing on and feeling, and how to get the most benefit out of it.


End Your Pain by Retraining Your Brain