Diaries of a Coach 024 || “Listen to your body!”

“Listen to your body.”

Isn’t that such a weird thing to say? Maybe it’s just me but part of me, when urged to do just that, wonders, “Huh? What does that even mean?” I control this thing, I’m driving the ship here, pretty sure my body is going to listen to me. Right?


As some of you may know, I recently traveled to my fine home state of Kentucky. Side note: I went to celebrate my nephew’s 1st birthday and y’all. He. Is. The. Cutest. See photo attached. Cue the ooos and awwws. And also, you’re welcome.

Anywho, two days prior I got pretty sick. Sick enough to consider canceling my trip. After much debate I decided to tough it out and make the trek. Let’s be honest, I’d do anything for that little nugget. #auntlife

With a late flight arrival in My Old Kentucky Home (See what I did there? Probably not… it’s a song. Google it. Or watch the Kentucky Derby, you’ll hear it!) it was easy to pass out almost instantaneously. However, the next day I found myself sending my sister out to run errands alone that morning so I could sleep a little later, falling asleep on the couch mid afternoon for about an hour, and then dosing off during an evening movie when I was supposed to be helping with party decor. The next day was no different, I slept late that morning and I’m pretty sure the sun was up when I went to bed that evening. Not only did I snag copious amounts of sleep, but I worked out approximately zero times during my time at home. That’s reason enough to stick the back of your palm on my forehead, raise a confused brow and say, “Are you ok?”

Here’s the lesson. Lean in because it’s enlightening and borderline revolutionary. Apparently, when you fall asleep at random times during the day, your body is trying to tell you something, mainly, that you need to sleep. (Maybe listen a little closer next time, Erica.)

All jokes aside, my encouragement today is just to tune in. I know it’s weird but how do you feel? Like, right now? When you move, does your body resist? Are you lethargic and unenthused when it’s time to workout? When you rest, does your body overdose? Do you feel like you just can’t get enough? Maybe not, maybe movement energizes you. Then keep moving! Rest is always essential but maybe your body is up no problem when that alarm goes off. Then get up and go! Just promise me that you’ll keep checking in, keep listening, because those signs and signals are there and always changing.

Spoiler alert. You are only human and many times, as humans, we are at the mercy of our circumstances and busy schedules, our ever-changing emotions (just me?), and the chemicals that balance and unbalance within us. Take time to check in, take time to rest if that’s what you need. You only have you, and you’re a pretty important part of living the life you want to live, fulfilling the dreams and desires your heart has. Take care of you boo!

I’m out. Maybe to go sleep, who knows!

Coach E