Diaries of a Coach || Get back on track

They say bad things happen in three’s right? Please tell me it’s true because lately it feels like everything has blown up at once. One thing, then another. Then another. And now I’m standing in a big ol’ heaping pile of ashes and mess, trying to piece things back together. But nothing else can happen… because that’s three. That’s it. Right?
What a perfect example of our best laid plans being at the mercy of life. A few weeks ago, I confessed a consistent weakness in my training, running. While I had every intention of implementing a consistent running program, I’ve veered slightly off course. That is my confession to you today. I could tell you all the reasons why, but the fact is, life happened and now I need to get back on track (<— See what I did there? Like… literally get back on the track. Eh?)
Yesterday’s workout was a humbling reminder for me that this is still something I need to work on. Very much so. Although, surely it counts for at least half of the running I missed, right?!?!
My gut reaction is to immediately be discouraged and come down hard on myself. I’ll give you grace all day long, but not myself. No way. With myself, I tend to expect nothing but success and follow through and perfection. Like I’m some sort of super human. Sounds ridiculous when I say it out loud, but it’s true. Instead, today, I’m choosing to accept where I am and take some steps back in the right direction.
Lucky for me, and for you if you find yourself where I am, humbled by yesterday’s workout, the cardiovascular expenditure required, and my lacking, there are some good things coming up to take advantage of here at CFA. Things that can help progress us in the way of endurance in our training.
Starting May 13th, Coach Jesse Ruiz will be starting a 6-week endurance course. This course is designed to challenge your current level of endurance, building and progressing towards higher stamina that will carry over not only into your workouts, but into life. Stay tuned for more info and a bio from Jesse, coming later this week!
Thanks for letting me come clean. Keep me accountable for continued grace in my failures and perseverance toward my goals.
Coach E