Farewell & Good Luck Coach Zach!


Today, we have a bittersweet announcement to make.  This will be coach Zach Lane’s final week at CFA as he is making a move to Boise, Idaho. Zach has been a huge part of the CFA team for the last two years. His most visible role has been as a coach, but he’s also played a huge role in improving our social media presence, and also been a consistent part of our community as an athlete. Zach has always gone out of his way to work hard, and go above and beyond for the CFA community and for that we’re truly thankful for the time he’s spent with us.

While we’ll miss Zach, were excited for the new opportunity and journey ahead of him in Boise. Zach’s not one to bring attention to himself, but he did want leave you guys with a few words below.   

“Thank you to all those that I have coached, trained with, and been able to call my friends at CFA. This community has been like a family to me since I joined and I am forever grateful for that. 
My thanks goes out to Wes, Gen and the coaching staff, too. They have taught me so much and helped me out on many occasions. 
Although I’m very excited for my move and all of the new excitements and challenges it holds, I will certainly miss all of you. Hopefully, I can return to Austin soon so that you may all enjoy the massive amounts of sweat I produce while rolling around on the ground after a workout.” 
-Coach Zach