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{The Consequences of Sitting}

We are all guilty of sitting way too much, whether it is watching TV, working, eating, commuting, or just lounging around.  The latest statistics show that 86% of Americans sit ALL day at work!  Recent research studying the damaging effects of excessive sitting suggests that health disparities such as musculoskeletal injuries, heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes will exponentially increase.  As we sit for long periods of time, our body’s physiological and metabolic systems are not functioning properly.  For example, the metabolism slows, blood flow and respiration is restricted, hormonal systems become off-balance, and the hips become ‘tight’.  However, taking several short breaks throughout the work day just to stand and stretch can reduce the above mentioned risk factors!  How does this relate to your performance at the gym?

Yes, those hips!  Tight hips and inactive glutes (from excessive sitting) can hamper physical performance in a variety of activities, such as sprinting, squatting, and deadlifting. If you want to perform at your best, you need to make sure that your hips stay limber and that your butt muscles are firing and active.  Below are some tips and exercises you can perform at home or work.

Stretch out those hips on that work break with these exercises! (hold stretches for 60-90secs)

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These are just a few exercises to get you started on the right track.  If you can forsake yourself looking weird at work, I recommend foam rolling during those sitting breaks also.  It’s okay to be THAT guy/girl at the office!  Stay Strong and CFA On!

-Coach Mark


*Photos courtesy of The Art of Manliness